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Kin-ball and Slovakia

• We found kin-ball in the year 2013 via Internet. We ordered our first ball, played with it on some youth sports events and we luckily got a good feedback!

• In October 2013 we took a part in educating of kin-ball lectors in Czechia. Since then is Czech federation for us some kind of tutor of Kin-ball.

• In 2014 we made up our first male team and participated on ECH. After half a year of playing kin-ball we didn’t end up last!

• In 2015 we participated on WCH 2015 and after our regular trainings we end up on (for us) perfect 8th place!

• In years 2014 – 2017 we have had more than 200 presentations of kin-ball on Slovak elementary and high schools

• Thanks to those presentations, there are 97 schools playing kin-ball in Slovakia today!

• For the last three years we co-organize and participate in the Central-European league.

• Young kin-ball players from Slovak town “Vrbové” end up on awesome 3rd place on Junior Open Maubeuge 2017 in July.

• We have already organized 10 lectures of Kin-ball for more than 210 P.E. teachers of elemetary and high schools

• We have already had 7 school tournaments so far. Since spring 2018 we are starting the first season of national league for elementary and high schools!


Kin-ball in Slovakia

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AFFILIATION CERTIFICATE – Slovak Kin-Ball Federation
This document certifies that Kin-Ball Federation of Slovakia has successfully completed the affiliation process and consequently is officially member of the International Kin-Ball Federation with all the rights and privileges associated.